Auto Accidents

An auto accident can damage you much more than your car

If you're lucky, you'll walk away from an auto accident only having to worry about the condition of your car. Most people, however, will end up in a doctor's office to deal with back, neck, and leg pain or injuries. Some injuries require weeks, months, maybe even years of follow-up visits and rehabilitation. That's when you need Hayden Chiropractic.

We provide our patients with second to none care for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accidents. We keep current on the latest and most effective treatment protocols. We ensure that our documentation of your injuries is also second to none so that your attorney can easily recoup damages for your pain and suffering as well as time lost from work.

It doesn't matter who caused the accident

Even if you were at fault in a car accident, you can still be treated. Inadvertently causing an accident doesn't mean you're not suffering as well. Our treatments themselves do not affect your insurance premium.

Remember that the damage to your car or any property is secondary to any damage or injuries that you may have suffered. Contact Hayden Chiropractic in Haverhill, MA as soon as possible for an evaluation.

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